Indeed, It's Love

September 15 2005, 6:59pm


"Okay," I said, fishing my phone out of my shirt pocket. "I hope you don't mind, but I think I have to take a picture of you with my Nano." And upon receiving a cheerful nod -- I am, after all a gentleman -- the event was documented and posted.


Reason (1): It was the fifth time in a half an hour that I'd innocently plugged in my iPod and wound up giving a product demo to some staffmember or another.

I'd arrived about a half an hour early for dinner, and killed some time by browsing the stripmall-ey area around the restautant. And within minutes of entering the (Eastern Mountain Sports, Newbury Comics, weird unfinished furniture store) the employees would react as though I were the Messiah and I were obviously in a heal-the-sick sort of mood.

"Is that...the new iPod?!?" they all marveled, wishing to touch the hem of my robe. They clearly expected the Nano to be, at the very best, only 100% as cool as it looked in the ads. They just weren't emotionally prepared for the triple-scale ginchiness of the new iPod's reality.

Well, as anyone who knows me will tell you, I like spreading Joy. So every time it happened, I handed it over and then spent five minutes answering questions ("About 1,000 songs," "No, it's got just as many features as the 'big' iPods; I've got contacts and photos on it and everything," "$249, or $199 for the 2 gig model."). And then I'd be forced to move on to another store. Because as soon as I mentioned the price, the staff would start switching off lights, throwing a "Closed for Inventory" sign in the window, grabbing fistfuls of twenties out of the night-deposit bag, and arguing about whether they should head to the Braintree Apple Store or if they should brave the traffic and try for the one in the Chestnut Hill Mall.

When it happened yet again at the restaurant bar, I felt the need to document the phenomenon.

Reason (2)(a): Cute-as-heck bartender and (2)(b) I'm just a big dumb male.

PS - Then, she asked for a demo of my Nokia 6682 phone. "...And the beauty part," I said, clicking through to the Contacts page, "is that it's really, really easy to add phone numbers. Here, try adding your name and number. I swear, you'll be amazed by how clean the interface is..."

(Captain Smooooooooooth...)