Dewey Chaffee: Ian Called me a Faggot

September 13 2011, 2:59pm

Dewey Chaffee, “a comedic improvisational character performer”, recently posted a series of videos relating a story where he tracks down and confronts a hateful teenager after the boy posted comments on his facebook wall. Dewey is well-known for thinking quickly on stage when in character, but how does one deal with a heckler who is hundreds of miles away? Part 1

Part 2

I really enjoy this quote from a grant application Dewey filled out a few years ago, it gives you some idea of his “mission”: One day, I created a character and I named him Wayburn Sassy. Wayburn is eighty-nine years old and has declared himself an “Entertainment Legend.” He embodies the bigotry and the prejudices that I witnessed from the people who raised me. I knew from the very first moment that Wayburn appeared on stage that, with him, I had stumbled upon something special. Audiences need Wayburn. He demonstrates to us how laughable blind ignorance truly is. Here’s hoping this self-described mini-documentary carries that mission forward.